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January 20th-22nd: House of Mouse Expo, Orlando, FL

January 21st-29th: Venezia Renaissance Festival, Bonita Springs, FL

February 18th-April 2nd: Bay Area Renaissance Festival, Dade City, FL

March 30th-April 2nd: MegaCon, Orlando, FL

April 15th-June 4th: Georgia Renaissance Festival, Fairburn, GA

July 21st: Ocala Oddities Market, Ocala, FL

July 28th-30th: Tampa Bay Comic Con*, Tampa, FL

August 18th: Ocala Oddities Market, Ocala, FL

August 26th: Mystic Con, Orlando, FL

August 25th-27th: Con of Thrones CANCELED

September 15th-17th: Fantasm, Orlando, FL

September 15th-17th: Ancient City Con, St. Augustine, FL

September 23rd-24th: Pensacola Para Con, Pensacola, FL

September 30th-November 19th: Carolina Renaissance  Festival, Huntersville, NC

October 6th-8th: Spookala, Tampa, FL

October 27th-29th: Spooky Empire, Orlando, FL

November 3rd-12th: Lady of the Lakes, Tavares, FL

November 4th-26th: Sarasota Medieval Festival, Myakka, FL

December 2nd-10th: Orlando Renaissance Festival*, Orlando, FL

December 20th-22nd: Holiday Matsuri, Orlando, FL

*awaiting approval to be apart of

**dates to be determined

***all of the above

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